By handling all your maintenance operations in-house, we ensure a faultless reactivity with a guaranteed Airworthy OTD of 100% and a customer service team available 24/7.

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Surface Treatment

With an integrated surface treatment line, ROSSI MRO SOLUTIONS can work on the main processes of aeronautical industry: Alodine, passivation, TSA (tartaric sulphuric acid anodizing) and scouring.
These installations also allow for the preparation of parts prior to the other steps of their maintenance (painting, welding, assembly…). To insure the best response to your quality expectations, the line’s ponds are vetted weekly by an external control laboratory.

Technical specifications

Qualified processes: Alodine, passivation, TSA (tartaric sulphuric acid anodizing), scouring
Treated Materials: Titanium, Aluminium, Aluminium-Lithium, Stainless Steel
3 Dry blasting booths